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Comprehensive design support for GaaS/SaaS products

  • Pitch documents that meet the business and product needs for new concepts.

  • Establish clear design pillars and restrictions for the product.

  • Write and maintain design documents covering:

    • Core and meta loops, economy, UX, Systems, Monetisation, Engagement, live ops, experimentation.

  • Communicate designs to the team.

  • Respond to feedback and iterate.

Vision Creation

Work with stakeholders to define a high level vision for a product

  • Clear, measurable goals and restrictions for the design and marketing teams to work within.

  • Communicate goals and intentions with the team.

  • Work with the team to define what tasks they will need to complete to achieve these goals.


Create a clear and effective roadmap driven by business and product needs

  • Employ a value matrix to determine what tasks will contribute to the product vision most directly.

  • Provide a clear order of tasks required to meet the vision.


Employ processes and tools to stimulate the team and generate ideas for new features or products

  • Facilitate sessions which employ different ideation techniques - first step, analogy thinking, opposite thinking, competitions, six hats etc.

  • Implement process to help explorations stay focused on the product goals.

Product Analysis

Generate a critical review of a client’s product and it’s competitors

  • Use behavioural and performance data to determine where best we can add value.

  • Pick apart the game design to expose any flaws.

  • Analyse competitors in the space and outline opportunities for growth.


Coach and inspire designers and product managers to improve performance

  • Workshops on specific areas of design, goal setting, tools and methodology.

  • Longer term programs to ‘level-up’ an employee the company is invested in.

User Analysis

Assess a products user base and determine what drives them to play

  • Gather market data.

  • Connect specific motivations to tangible design goals.


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