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Clients Testimonials

Amazing Partnerships

It’s the satisfied clients that keep Ludoforma prospering. Thanks to drive, professionalism, and creativity, clients always come back for more. Read below to find out all the wonderful things they have to say, and get in touch to share a recent experience as well.


Niklas Malmborg - Creative Director, Arrowhead 

"When working with Tom I feel he has a fully encompassing view of player psychology, economic models and business knowledge and I feel safe to make decisions knowing I have the complete picture to assess from.

 Tom's ability to view the complete ecosystem of a product adds solid science and understanding to the process of developing it."


Tom Scutt - Creative Director, The Multiplayer Group

"Working with Ludoforma provided us with great confidence to push our product on. Tom brings clear methodology and best practices, he asked important questions and carried out comprehensive research to help plug holes, de-risk and inspire design efforts. With such experience and knowledge of the market we felt strongly we were making the right decisions based on the work we did together."

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Felipe Mata - Head of Studio, FunPlus

"Tom understood what we were trying to achieve immediately and his pro-activity and experience ensured things moved on quickly. Tom is highly adaptable and helps out wherever he can, communicating clearly, stimulating creativity, establishing clear goals and then keeping everyone focused on them."

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High Standards

Ludoforma has worked with a broad range of clients and we're happy to see they’re extremely satisfied with the work delivered. In a job where it pays to love the work you do, Ludoforma goes a step further to make sure clients love it too. Check out past clients and the work we completed together.


Monetisation Strategy

Defined how the game would monetise and engage, outlining clear design intentions and economic goals. Involved connecting marketing to user experience, outlining player motivations and drivers and defining experiences that would engage them.


Product Management and Creative Strategy

Established the product vision and design intentions for multiple projects across mobile and PC/Console. Managed live titles, optimising and experimenting towards client goals.


Ideation and Market Research

Created and prototyped core design concepts to discover and capitalise on opportunities in mobile. Established frameworks and methodology around player motivation and conducted extensive competitor analysis. 


Strategy and Vision

Helped the team clarify their vision around an established market opportunity. Defining clear player personas and methods for engaging them.

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