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Vision accomplished

Visions are often intangible, dream like, unreachable. Easy to imagine but hard to realise. Let us show you how we demystify that challenge, how we climb the mountain.

Can't see the wood for the trees?

Perspective, objectivity, foresight and far-sight. We think it through with you. Plan and collaborate, working as one. Strategy, method and process are tools that channel creativity. We create designs driven by the insights gained from exploration and discovery; from when we scaled the creative high-ground and the untrodden paths, when we stumbled, and when we triumphantly breached new heights.

Learn from Everywhere

"Ludoforma was created to unify the creative and business sides of the industry, to demystify what successful strategies entail and bring that knowledge to a broader market. I have spent over two decades in the games industry and I want to spend my next two enthusing, up-skilling and enabling teams to realise their projects and ideas."

Tom Froud, Founder

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Electric Square - Work for hire innovators


King - World leaders in mobile games
Microsoft - World leaders in technology
Bear Hug - Plucky start up aiming to break new ground
Electronic Arts
Lionhead Studios


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Beauty in simplicity
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